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One Product, Two Totally Different Outcomes!

The TriplEdge® Windshield Wiper, patented in 1984, was initially known as the Smear Clear Wiper. Smear Clear’s owners originally spent in excess of $3,000,000 buying equipment, hiring employees, and stocking inventory for the sole purpose of selling product. Unfortunately, they ran out of cash without ever finding a profitable way to market their product. Although the company had plenty of desks, tooling, employees and overhead, it didn’t have the one thing it needed — SALES! Smear Clear had promise, but the owners just didn’t have the experience or expertise to make their product stand out among the clutter of the retail marketplace.

Commercial lenders just won’t lend for unproven concepts, especially when a concept involves a new and unproven product. And good luck with venture capitalists — if you’re lucky enough to interest them in your product, they will want control and most of the upside. Smear Clear (subsequently changed to TriplEdge) limped along into oblivion, eventually entering bankruptcy and killing the hopes and dreams of its original inventor and investors.

In 1988, the assets of TriplEdge were purchased out of bankruptcy and a new marketing campaign, dedicated solely to generating immediate sales, was developed around television direct response. Within twelve months, sales of the TriplEdge Wiper exceeded $1,000,000 per month and the DRTV campaign was expanded to print advertising, including credit card inserts, newspaper advertisements, and catalog sales.


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What was the difference?

Focus & Marketing Know How!

Smear Clear focused on Bricks, Bodies and BTU’s — facilities, employees, and overhead — spending valuable time and money building company infrastructure. TriplEdge focused on Beauty, Benefits and Boasting — product positioning, ad copy, and advertising dollars/frequency — creating the most important aspect of commerce … *product sales!*

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